SAT530 wall hung drainage smart intelligent toilet bidet

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SAT530  Smart Intelligent Toilet bidet wall hung drainage

Function: deep enema wash, front cleaning, bubble cleaning ,massage cleaning , dryer, adjustable water temperature, warm seat, self-cleaning spray, infrared remote control, damper buffer function, intelligent water conservation, soft lighting, intelligent power, super flusing power.


Rated Voltage :  220V - 240V    50 HZ

Power Consumption: 1220 W

Power Cord Length: 1.5 m (5 feet)

Posterior Wash: Max 0.7 -  0.9 Liter/min

Feminine Wash: Max 0.7 -  0.9 Liter/m in

Enema: Max 0.7 -  0.9 Liter/min

Water Temp: Adjustable34Celsius,37Celsius , 40Celsius

Outlet Water Quantity: 1.0 Liter better cleaning effect and sanitary function

Heater Capacity: 400 W

Seat Temperature:  Adjustable34Celsius,37Celsius , 40Celsius

Heated Capacity: 45 W

Water Pressure: 0.1 Mpa   -  0.75 Mpa

Waterproof Rating: IPX 4

Inlet water Temp: 3  Celsius  -  35  Celsius

Ambient Temp: 3  Celsius  -  40  Celsius

Dimension:AK47 L:525mm * W:456mm *H:351mm

Weight: 35.3 KGS

Safety Device: Thermal cutoff, Overheating prevention circuit, Temperature sensor

Product Standard: GB4706.53-2008                                                                                                                               Quzhou Gangchen Machinery and Electronic Products Manufacture Co. , Ltd

Address : No.10 DongGangSan Road,QuZhou City ,ZheJiang ,China

http : //www.smart-toilet-bidet.com

Tel:86-570-3853888   Mobile :86-13616707412

Email:sales@smart-toilet-bidet.com    GmailandSkype:bidetoilets@gmail.com

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Hilk smart toilet
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