Scale weigh machine comparable coin selectors acceptor

Publicado el martes, 1 de enero de 2019

   1 coin acceptance  comparable type,updated technology.Best quality with lowest price.most accurate recognition capabilty.        Operation:

1.Firstly remove the yellow plastic token& replace the coin to the clamp.

2.If  use RMB 1.please switch (SW3) to RMB Only

3.Choose N.O(Normal Open) or N.C(Normal Close) in coordination with the machine specification.(Normally Mario Machines should be N.C.Gaming Machines be N.O )

4.Switch to "SW2": 

Fast: 25ms/short pulse signal (apply to Mario Machine)

Medium: 50ms/medium pulse signal (apply to different machine)

Slow: 100ms/long pulse signal (apply to entertainment machine)

Notice: If coin-eating .please adjust the switch.

< p>5.VR turning for sensitivity of coin acceptance: turn clockwise (+)for strict coin selecting: anti-clockwise(-)for slack.

6.Lines guide of connector:

1)Gray line

Red line        DC+12V

2)White line       COIN Signal

3)Black line       Ground

4)Gray line

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